Ellensburg Blue Agate FAQs

Q:  What is the reason behind the blue color of Ellensburg Blue Agate?
A: The distinctive blue color of Ellensburg Blue Agate is attributed to the presence of copper impurities within the agate's microcrystalline structure. Copper is a trace element that can create a variety of colors in minerals and gemstones. In the case of Ellensburg Blue Agate, the blue color ranges from pale sky blue to deep azure, giving the gemstone its unique and sought-after appearance.

Q: Do you sell Ellensburg Blue Agate?
A: Generally, no - however, I occasionally (and reluctantly) part with a piece to draw attention to the number of fakes sold online.  You can check current offerings  - or follow my (brand new) profile on eBay if you are interested in acquiring a genuine Ellensburg Blue Agate for your collection.

Q: Is the pinkish hue, when held to the light, unique to Ellensburg Blue agates, and can it be used to determine if an agate is genuine?
A: Not exactly. While Ellensburg Blue agates often exhibit a pinkish hue when held to the light, this characteristic is not unique. Many other blue agates from around the world also have a pinkish hue. So, while an indicator, it cannot be used to determine if it is an Ellensburg Blue agate specifically.

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Q: Why have you so aggressively watermarked all your photos? 
A: I certainly wish I didn't need to; however, I found that many of my pics were being used by scammers and unauthorized websites.

Q:  What are the metaphysical properties of Ellensburg Blue Agate?
A: I must say, this is way out of my area of expertise or knowledge, however, metaphysical and spiritual beliefs connect certain gemstones, including Ellensburg Blue Agate, to qualities such as calmness and communication. The serene blue hue of the agate is thought (as I've been told) to promote relaxation and reduce stress, while its connection to the throat chakra might enhance self-expression. However, these interpretations are subjective and not universally accepted. These metaphysical associations add a layer of intrigue and wonder to the appreciation of Ellensburg Blue Agate's unique beauty.

Q: What are some notable pieces of Ellensburg Blue Agate?
A: While I have some incredible specimens (not pictured on this site), the one I most often refer to (6lb, 10oz) is displayed at the Kittitas County Historical Society and Museum and shown on their page located here. And I assure you, the pics do not do it justice! Additionally, you can visit their exhibit page here.